In 2005 the Air Arms R & D team saw an opportunity to work with Czech company Alfa Proj on the development of a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) pistol based on their Alpha Proj Sport Co2 pistol.

At the Las Vegas Shot Show in 2006 Air Arms displayed a prototype of the pistol they were working on.


With quite a bit of work still required to have the pistol ready for launch it was not until late 2008 that the final version was released.

The new pistol was named the Alfa Proj - pronounced "Proy".  

The fully regulated, single shot Alfa Proj  is mainly manufactured by Alfa Proj in the Czech Republic with key parts such as the cylinder, fill valve & regulator being made by Air Arms and shipped over to the Czech Republic.

For full specifications and a nice video visit the Air Arms website HERE.

Airgun World - February 2013

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