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In 2016 one of my closest friends and drinking buddies, Shaun "King Prawn" Crookes, suggested it was about time we both had a new hobby - apart from beer and football. After much consideration it was decided that air rifle shooting was where it was at.

Plenty of research followed as to the ideal rifle to cover all bases, we both ended up with nice new shiny Weihrauch HW100KT's in our mitts.

A few months later my wife, Karen, decided she wanted a piece of the action and a BSA Ultra was purchased.

This is where the obsession began!

After getting bored with shooting paper targets at our local indoor club we headed out to the big bad world of outdoor target shooting. Here we came across all manner of of weird and wonderful rifles with strange attachments. We scoffed at these ludicrous combos and vowed to stay true with our traditional sporter style rifles.

Roll on a year and a half and I am rocking out with my EV2 Mk4 with all the trimmings, Karen has a Steyr LG110 with Hydrographice marbled red grip set and shiny Rowan stripper. Shaun is tooled up with his Steyr Challenge with fully adjustable hamster!

Before the EV2 I had owned an S400, S410 & HFT500. For company my EV2 Mk4 now has numerous other Air Arms springer & PCP rifles.

I realised late 1997 that I had developed a  "strong interest" in Air Arms PCP rifles.

I am instinctively a researcher so if I have a strong interest in something I have to know it inside out and won't rest until I have found all the information I can.

Maybe one day I will be happy that I have all the information I can get and will stop boring everyone about the whole thing.....sorry Karen!

Cheers, Steve

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