The bull-pup air rifle format had been around since the late 1980’s & early in the last decade there was a resurgence in their popularity.

Buoyed on by American dealers numerous requests for an Air Arms bull-pup the company decided one in their stable would be a good move so the usual measured & thorough Air Arms development started late in 2013.

Whilst the Air Arms R & D department worked on the action, renowned stock designer Nick Jenkinson set about designing a stock.

Their followed a number of prototypes with number 7 being reviewed by Airgun Wold in January 2016. There was also a lot of toing & froing between Air Arms, Nick Jenkinson & Italian stock makers Minelli.

There were a couple of delays in the launch but with the largest pre-order of any new Air Arms rifle the Galahad, described as a “Sport-pup”, was finally in the shops at the end of August 2016.

With plenty of options, buyers have a few decisions to make:

  • Carbine or rifle

  • .177 or .22 (.25 is also available for the FAC version)

  • Regulated or unregulated

  • Walnut or black soft touch stock (was initially also available in beech)

  • Picatinny or dovetail rail


The action block is machined from a single piece of aluminium alloy using state-of-the-art CNC machinery whilst the power plant inside is straight from the proven S410/%10 series, as is the 10-shot magazine system.


A baffled shroud surrounds the 395mm Lotar Walther barrel & is threaded to accept an optional moderator.


Below this there is the steel air cylinder with a matt finish. A sliding section at the end of the cylinder reveals a filling port.

Airgun World - October 2016

The cocking lever is side mounted & can easily be set on either side.  Operation is very easy – the lever flips down with a little downward pressure, push forward & then bring it back to its start position.

Other features of the action are:


  • Adjustable 2-stage trigger

  • Spirit level mounted to the scope rail

  • Built in pressure gauge

Airgun World - November 2016

The ambidextrous thumb-hole stock has a adjustable butt-pad offering vertical & side-ways adjustment. Optional butt-spacers can be used to increase the length of pull if needed.

Attached to the action is a cheek-piece with a “soft touch” finish on both the walnut & full soft touch stock options.

There is a short accessory rail at the fore-end of the stock.

In 2018 Air Arms made the decision to dis-continue the un-regulated versions of the Galahad.


More information about the Galahad can be found HERE.

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