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THE S510

With the S510 owing much to and sharing a lot both internally & externally with the S400/410 series of rifles you may find it useful to read the page on this series first to give a better insight into the history behind the S510.

The S400/410 series included FAC versions in the form of the S400 Xtra & S410 Xtra. All of the rifles in the series had a bolt action, which was the preference of many shooters at the time the series was launched.

To help gain the power levels required the Extra rifles had stronger striker springs resulting in an increased effort to cock them.

Legendary air rifle engineer Ken Turner had produced a one off side-lever version of the S400, with a linkage on roller bearings, to reduce the effort required to cock the rifle.

After seeing the system, Air Arms remodelled the S400/410 Xtra to utilise the mechanical advantages of the system. The new versions were launched in 2007 with no change to the model names at the time.

There was immediately demand for a sub 12fpe side-lever & in July 2008 the S510 SL Carbine multi-shot rifle was released. Shortly after the S400/410 Xtra rifles were renamed the S500/510 Xtra.

AGW - SEPTEMBER 2008 - AA AD.jpg

Although internally the new rifles almost identical to the S400/410 series the introduction of a fully shrouded barrel, as well as the side-lever, resulted in a action that was very different in appearance.

Airgun World - September 2008

AGW - SEPTEMBER 2008 - S510 REVIEW - P1.

Underneath a screw off shroud end cover the barrel was threaded to accommodate a specially designed silencer.

The filler cap featured a fluted design as had been used on the recently launched EV2 Mk2, with the fluting design also being used on the shroud end cover. This fluting design would later be introduced to the S400/410 series.

AGW - SEPTEMBER 2008 - S510 REVIEW - P2.

Whilst the sub 12fpe S510 was only offered in carbine form the Xtra was offered in 3 lengths – carbine, medium “rifle” length & full FAC length. Due to very little demand the cabine option was soon dropped by Air Arms. The rifle length cylinder version became the S510 XS & the longer cylinder versions the S500 XS Xtra & S510 XS Xtra.

AGW - SEPTEMBER 2008 - S501 REVIEW - P3.

The stock options were the same as the S400/410 series – initially sporters in beech or walnut & a thumb-hole stock in walnut with Superlite stock options being introduced in 2010.

More details of the internal workings & stocks can be found in the S4100/410 series page.

AGW - JANUARY 2009 - AA AD.jpg

To celebrate Air Arms’s 30th Anniversary in 2013 a limited edition of 100 commemorative S510’s were produced. The rifle featured:

  • Nickel plated cylinder, shroud & barrel

  • Alloy trigger guard

  • Specially selected extra high grade walnut sporter stock with an oiled semi-gloss finish

  • Alloy 30th Anniversary heel plate

  • An all new alloy magazine featuring

  • Alloy side plate on the action with “1983-2013” engraved

  • The wording “S510 Carbine Limited Edition” and a specially designed emblem etched on the bolt housing


The rifle came in a specially commissioned lockable hard case that was foam-fitted & housed a fill adapter, an extra magazine, a commemorative Air Arms 30th Anniversary pin, commemorative tin of pellets and an owner's manual. The case also had a special none removable engraved plaque which included the enclosed rifles serial number.

A total of 325 S510 30th Anniversary rifles were produced - 129 in .177, 186 in .22 & 10 in .25. Of the 325 produced 180 were exported.

AGW - SUMMER 2012 - AA AD.jpg

From its introduction back in 2008 very few significant changes have been made to the S510. The biggest change was the cylinder length which was increased from 300mm to 400mm in 2012. Although the 400mm cylinder is the same as used on the S400/410 Classic, the sub 12fpe S510 has remained a carbine due to the 395mm barrel that has always been used.

AGW - MAY 2013 - AA AD 2.jpg

Since it was launched the S510 has proven to be a great stablemate to the S410, with the pair offering a multitude of options to satisfy shooters.

Many awards have been won & as I write this the S510 has been short listed for The Great British Shooting Awards 2020 airgun of the year. I’m sure there will be many more nominations & awards over the coming years for this wonderful rifle.

For more information about the current range of S510 rifles click HERE

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