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During the 90’s air rifles with a “buddy bottle” system started to become popular due to the increased shot could that could be attained from them. The popularity continued to grow in the first decade of the new century.


Air Arms decided it would like to offer a high shot count rifles without the bulbous, & some would say clumsy, buddy bottle system. Following a suggestion by Italian agent Domino they set about designing a twin cylinder version of the S510.


A prototype of the rifle was on show at the 2010 S.H.O.T. Show in L.A. At the time it was being referred to as “The Twice”. Fortunately, by the time of release in March 2011 Air Arms had decided on the name S510TC – the rifle is in essence a S510 with twin cylinders (TC).

AGW - MAY 2011 - AA AD 1.jpg

Two steel cylinders would have resulted in a very heavy rifle so to reduce the overall weight of the S510TC & help give good balance Air Arms produced twin high-grade aluminium cylinders & with only a slight re-work of the internal air-flow of the S510 internals the cylinders were linked & fed via a combined valve.


At the muzzle end of the action the 2 satin finish cylinders & the shrouded barrel are braced with an “o” ring clamp that Air Arms named a “Tri-lobe”. One of the cylinders has the same t-bar filling valve as used on other Air Arms rifles & both have threaded caps with fluting – matching that on the muzzle end cap.

Airgun World - May 2011

AGW - MAY 2011 - S510TC REVIEW-1.jpg

The action sits in an ambidextrous Minelli made sporter Superlite stock, as offered with the S510 series, with a re-designed, broader fore-end to accommodate the twin cylinders. The Superlite design stock offers light weight mainly due to part of the stock below the cheek piece being scooped out to shed wood.


Hunter green or traditional brown socks are offered & feature a rosewood cap to the pistol grip & ventilated butt-pad. The lightweight of the stock & cylinders give the rifle good balance.

AGW - MAY 2011 - S510TC REVIEW-2.jpg

Full details of the of the action can be found on the S400/410 & S510 pages but in summary the action features:


Side-lever cocking system

Shrouded Lothar barrel (Carbine – 395mm. Rifle – 493.5mm)

2-stage adjustable trigger with built in safety

10 shot magazine

Optional silencer

AGW - MAY 2011 - S510TC REVIEW-3.jpg
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