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Target Sprint became an internationally recognised air rifle discipline after being introduced the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) in 2013 with the aim of making target shooting more accessible to all.


The discipline is a biathlon-type competition where competitors normally run 400 metres three times, making five shots with an air rifle at knockdown targets at the end of the first 2 runs - a total of 1200 metres running plus ten shots.


In the UK, British Shooting have promoted target Sprint since 2013 & Air Arms have worked closely with them to grow the sport. From the start the most commonly seen rifle used for the discipline was the Air Arms MPR10m Sporter & the company has also supplied the other main piece of equipment needed – the knockdown target.


Consulting with shooters, coaches & the organisers at British Shooting, Air Arms worked to develop the MPR 10m Sporter to better suit the needs of Target Sprint athletes & help them achieve quicker shooting times.

AGW - NOVEMBER 2018 - AA AD-1.jpg

The resultant TS400 was released in October 2018 & the aim of quicker operation was achieved with the new & innovative cocking system. The ambidextrous system has a lever on each side of the action that allows quick operation using the thumb of the trigger hand once the shot has been taken. This also results in the competitor needing less time with their eye off the target.


Apart from the new cocking system & a re-design of the breech block to accommodate it the TS400 had the same features as the MPR 10M Sporter.


As well as the plain Poplar stock as used on the MPR there is also the option of bright & colourful fully wrapped stocks.


For more information about the TS400 can be found HERE

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